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Analyst briefing, May 20, 2015, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Global Cloud Computing Market: $270 Billion By 2020

The global cloud computing market is expected to grow at an 30% CAGR reaching $270 billion in 2020, concludes the latest research report covering the cloud computing products, technologies and services for the global market, Global Cloud Computing Market Forecast 2015 2020.

Cloud Computing Market Size

Cloud Computing: U.S. Federal Market

The U.S. government has laid out broad plans for the implementation of cloud computing in the federal government infrastructure, a step reflecting a fundamental re-examination of investments in technology infrastructure. The U.S. Federal Government cloud computing market enters into double digit growth phase over the period 2015 2020. The U.S. Federal cloud computing market will surpass $10 billion by 2020, growing at CAGR 16.2% in the period 2015 2020, says market study U.S. Federal Cloud Computing Market Forecast 2015 2020.

NIST Issues Cloud Computing Guidelines for Managing Security and Privacy

January 2012: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has finalized its first set of guidelines for managing security and privacy issues in cloud computing.

Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing (NIST Special Publication 800-144) provides an overview of the security and privacy challenges facing public cloud computing and presents recommendations that organizations should consider when outsourcing data, applications and infrastructure to a public cloud environment. The document provides insights on threats, technology risks and safeguards related to public cloud environments to help organizations make informed decisions about this use of this technology.

"Public cloud computing and the other deployment models are a viable choice for many applications and services. However, accountability for security and privacy in public cloud deployments cannot be delegated to a cloud provider and remains an obligation for the organization to fulfill," said publication co-author Tim Grance.

The key guidelines include:

SP 800-144 is geared toward system managers, executives and information officers making decisions about cloud computing initiatives; security professional responsible for IT security; IT program managers concerned with security and privacy measures for cloud computing; system and network administrators; and users of public cloud computing services.

The publication also provides a detailed list of Federal Information Processing Standards and NIST special publications that provide materials particularly relevant to cloud computing and are recommended to be used in conjunction with SP 800-144.

The document can be downloaded from

Cloud Promises Significant Energy Savings

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A study led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) with funding from Google has found that moving common software applications used by 86 million U.S. workers to the cloud could save enough electricity annually to power Los Angeles for a year. The study, conducted with Northwestern University, is summarized in a report.

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